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好啦,不该一直难过… 好多照片啊!该冲洗那些呢?

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The kid’s world (Hamster life)

What did you play with, as a kid? What was your favorite toy?

I didn’t have much toys as i kid. I have lego, i have 1 barbie and 1 cindy (probably a competitor of barbie doll). But i guess my favorite past time was that tiny shallow hole in broken concrete floor at the corridor, i reckon it was about 3cm wide.

I used to hide different things in that tiny hole. I hid “diamonds” quite often, those decoration plastic gems on tee shirts that i found in the house. I hid red beans too, because beans looked cute. I filled the hole with water thinking it will harden like ice and fill the hole. 

All of the above that I did, were washed away by Town Council when they cleaned the corridor. But i’ll just continue to hide little things i found. I don’t know why there were so many plastic gems at home, i could just continue hiding “diamonds”. 

Now that we have hamsters at home, i realised i led a hamster childhood. Whenever sista tiny hamsters’ cages, she would empty the cages before washing them. All the tiny food that the hamsters hid, would then be thrown away. But hamsters never give up, they just continue to hide food under their litters, and we continue to clean their mansions (cages) just like how the Town Council cleaned our corridor.

Hamsters never give up, little me never give up.

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梦里的妳长肉了,肚子圆圆的,也跑的很快。妳跑向睡房厕所,还吠了一声。 房间很暗,姐姐把你抱出来。妳不断挣扎,连妳最喜欢的床都不要了。梦在你准备再次跑向睡房的时候结束。






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为妳准备的鸡肉,还喜欢吗? 独乐乐不如众乐乐,我们帮你搞了给生日派对。请其他猫咪吃鸡肉。他们和你从前一样,在外流浪。跑了好多地方,一只一只的喂。放心,我们有把盒子丢掉,没有留下垃圾。

这只喵好像嗅到小朋友的味道了。是的,这是小朋友的专用车车,可是小朋友已经不在了 。




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Hong Kong 2016

It’s strange blogging in 2017 about 2016. But what needs to be done should be done. In my earlier posts, I mentioned about a Hong Kong accommodation, and the leather craft project. So here’s a continuation of the 2 posts. I’m not going to go into details of what happened those days in Hong Kong, perhaps just a brief introduction and direction to places. Continue reading “Hong Kong 2016”

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Beetroot lemonade

It’s veggie juice time! “Because weather was good, because weather was bad…” – Tokkaebi. Okay stop it, we don’t really need a reason to have veggie juice.
For those who need a reason for everything you do, here you go…

Beetroot is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A & C and also an excellent source of folic acid. (Source: As at 12 February 2017)

Okay lets get started with the recipe.
2 beetroot
1 lemon
1 can of soda (not icecream soda)
Serves: 3

De-skin beetroot cut into cubes, peel and cube lemon.
Add both items into slow juicer (I’m using a manual juicer).
Pour a can of soda into the juice, add ice and voilà!

Not everyone likes the taste of veggie drink, lemon helps to cover that veggie taste. We preferred the “healthier choice”, hence no sugar (and no icecream soda) in the drink.