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Life Made Easier – Steigen Automated Laundry Systems

What do you need when you need to dry your wet laundry?

I’m staying at 90s HDB flat, and here are the items I need:

  1. To lift the bamboo pole the wet laundry, bring it out of window and stuff it to the bamboo pole holder and ensure it doesn’t break and land at ground floor.
  2. A platform. I 1.56m tall short, I can hardly reach the bamboo pole holder outside the window without a platform.
  3. The legendary Sun that keeps playing hide and seek with everyone, that leads to my next needed item…
  4. Some clothing are just too precious to me, and I will over-turn them before hanging them in the sun to dry, to prolong the colors of my clothes, especially black ones.
  5. If I am lucky, I have the Sunshine at the kitchen windows, else I can only air-dry my laundry in the living room. And yes, I am lucky for I live in the 90s HDB, where living room is not in a match-box size.

I thought things should turn better when I move into a new BTO flat, until I see the new laundry hanging racks.

3 poles, Thank you. I had 6 much longer poles.
I guess we are expected to dry our laundry indoor. This would save my muscles, but where do I get the Sunshine and wind from? Unless I can direct the Sunshine and wind into our service yard, say goodbye to fresh smelling clothes.

Perhaps we should get a dryer, I did a quick research and at my best knowledge, there are 2 types of laundry dryer, #1 electric dryer and #2 gas dryer. In any case, both are not cheap, in terms of product and electricity / gas bills.

Having rumbled so much, I am fortunate to have chanced upon a solution to my problem recently. After watching the demo and had a try out on the solution myself, all I want to say is, “what more can I wish for?” Continue reading “Life Made Easier – Steigen Automated Laundry Systems”