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Accommodation Review (Hua Hin): Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel

Think Hua Hin, think Royal Pavilion Hotel, at least that true for me. It was our second trip to Hua Hin in July 2017, and we knew we had to go back to this hotel for it’s fantastic services and comfort. The building looks 3-stars, but service unquestionably matches it’s 4-stars rating. Continue reading “Accommodation Review (Hua Hin): Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel”

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Train Ride: Hua Hin Station to Hua Lamphong (Bangkok) Station

The thought of travelling by train in a foreign country makes my cells dance. I like trains, I enjoy travelling by rail. I wrote about Melbourne’s Puffing Billy steam train in 2016, it was a short ride, but sufficient to keep me smiling for days.


We managed to plan for another train ride this year in July, from Hua Hin to Bangkok. This was our second trip to Hua Hin, and we went with a purpose this time round. My partner and I really love Hua Hin for its calmness and slow-living.


So here is our little adventure on the 229km train ride from Hua Hin Railway Station to Hua Lamphong Railway Station (Bangkok).

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Casual Photography at Hua Hin, Thailand

Located in the Southern Thai province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Hua Hin is a seaside resort with the charm and fascination of an active fishing port.


We especially love their scenic attractions, Swiss Sheep Farm and Santorini Park; which was the main reason we had decided to return to Hua Hin for our Couple photography 2 years later after our first visit.

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Accommodation Review (Bangkok): Budacco Hotel


This review is based on my personal experience and thoughts, it has no mean to promote or condemn the hotel. If you strongly feel that what I have written is unacceptable, please feel free to comment in the comment box.

Budacco Hotel, Bangkok is located near Ratchaprarop ARL (Airport Rail Line) Station, I would say 8minute stroll is sufficient to reach the hotel from station, if weather is good. We paid 1000Baht as deposit. From online review, most Taxi and Tuk Tuk do not know where this hotel is since it’s in a small alley, so just tell them to go Baiyoke Sky Hotel, you can walk in from there.
There’s a video from the hotel website that guides you the way to hotel from Ratchaprarop ARL Station. For your convenience, I’ve note it down in point form. That was how we got to the hotel.


From Ratchaprarop ARL –

  • walk towards Phaya thai station,
  • exit Ratchprarop station,
  • look for Exit 2,
  • go down to ground floor,
  • turn right in direction of Baiyoke Sky Hotel,
  • walk along shops,
  • turn right at “Ratchaprarop 3” sign,
  • walk straight,
  • turn left when see Budacco signage on top of a like yellow building (opp Baiyoke Hotel),
  • walk straight in and turn right,
  • Budacco is on right hand side (Beside Blue Spa Massage)

Depending on your objective of the Bangkok trip, this hotel might not suit you. If you are into shopping (Singapore Bugis street style) and will only be spending a day or two in Bangkok, then this hotel is heaven, because it is within walking distance to Pratunum!

But if you are planning to explore more, then you might want to read this para. The only train station near the hotel is Ratchaprarop ARL Station, while most malls and attractions are along BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System / Sky Train) or MRT stations. You will need to take ARL to Praya Thai (1 station away) to connect to BTS stations; or take ARL to Makkasan to connect to MRT stations. ARL train doesn’t come as frequent as BTS, I would say it’s about 10 to 15 mintues interval. But on the bright side, you can take ARL to Hua Lamphong station and connect to SRT (State Railway of Thailand) and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Hotel staff greeted us with a big smile at the entrance and welcomes us with a glass of chilled drink and hot towel each. We check-in to the hotel twice for this trip, 2 days per stay. My review hereon will be for 2 rooms.

We stayed in Oriental Room 31 for 2 days on our first stay. Scheduled check-in time is 2pm, but they had allowed us early check-in at 12nn. Room is spacious and clean. Hotel showed their warm hospitality by folding our bath towels and face towels into elephants. Bed is comfy and firm enough, with 2 pillows and 2 cushions. There’s 4 windows in our room, 1 behind the wooden duo seats, 1 by the TV console, 1 behind the bed and 1 by the basin in the shower. 1 of the windows faces window of another building though. There’s a little ¾ length mirror corner where ladies can blow-dry your hair, and have your makeup put on, admire yourself before you start the day.


Our second stay at Budacco Hotel for the trip was at Deluxe Room 36, there’s no more Oriental room on for our second stay. Deluxe Room is a few SGD cheaper than Oriental Room. But the room orientation is so much different. The cute towel elephants are gone, shower is much smaller, basin is by the TV (yup, by the TV, in front of the bed). When we check-in to Room 36 at night, window wasn’t locked, it was faulty and took us awhile to get it locked properly. The window is greyed out/ covered, it’s as good as no window, we couldn’t see anything from the window at all. We open the window (since it wasn’t locked) and peep into someone’s kitchen from our room! *rolling my eyes* Bed is so soft that it gave me backache on the first night of the second stay. We requested for cushion, thought it could support my back alittle, (the one we had in Oriental Room, it wasn’t in Deluxe Room) but was rejected at the reception counter, they claimed to have no extra cushion for us. So that few SGD makes a dramatic difference!


Daily breakfast was fine, no delicacy but sufficient to fill our tummies to start our day right. The hotel has a little patio, so if the tiny café is full, you can consider having your first meal of the day at the patio, it’s sheltered, no worries about the scorching sun or even if it rains.


We had one of our dinners at the hotel café, the day we came back from Hua Hin at night (look out for my review on accommodation at Hua Hin!). We understand that hotel food can’t be compared with outside food, and our objective was just to fill our tummies and then sleep. Spicy stir-fried instant noodle with grilled chicken (100++ Baht) wasn’t too bad, but the amount of chilli padi almost turned my lips into sausages. Grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce (150++ Baht) turned out to be boiled-looking chicken in pepper corn sauce. We settled the bill with 1000Baht but hotel staff claimed to have no small change. We tried again with a 500Baht note, they hesitated before accepting it. So, my suggestion is, if you are planning to have your meal there, prepare the exact amount.

Budacco Hotel has kindly helped us store our luggage after our first stay, while we travel to Hua Hin for a night in smaller bags, since we will be returning to their hotel for a second stay. That really eased out worries of carrying huge luggage for train ride.

That’s all for my review on this budget hotel, and I hope it helps you a little in your planning. Bangkok has been good to us, and I hope you have a pleasant stay in the Land of Smile too.