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Accommodation Review (Hua Hin): Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel

Think Hua Hin, think Royal Pavilion Hotel, at least that true for me. It was our second trip to Hua Hin in July 2017, and we knew we had to go back to this hotel for it’s fantastic services and comfort. The building looks 3-stars, but service unquestionably matches it’s 4-stars rating.

We checked in to the hotel at late evening after our photoshoot, check-in was a breeze, front line staff was all smiley and even updated our Deluxe Suite to Premier Suite. We were given welcome drink coupon at their roof-top bar, but we were too tired to enjoy the drinks.



Bed is so comfy! How I wish I can stay for a few days more!


Note: Our photographer sent us to the hotel. But the hotel is located at the heart of Hua Hin, so it is easy to locate it even if you are taking public transport.

Here’s a simplified direction for public transport to Hua Hin: Take bus to Sai Tai Mai (Southern Bus Terminal) in Bangkok, buy bus ticket to Hua Hin from the terminal, and alight at Hua Hin Clock Tower. Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel is less than 10min walk away.

But mind you, it is the bus journey that is a killer. I would encourage you to take train (scroll down for link on our train journey to Bangkok) instead, then either take a tuk tuk or walk 15min to the hotel and enjoy the views along the way. Or you can take the legendary adventurous minivan from Bangkok, it stops right beside the hotel.

Heil free wifi! Tourist SIM card is cheap overall, but who doesn’t lie free and strong wifi? The hotel provides in-room strong wifi signal, strong enough for you to catch dramas online.

Breakfast variety was pretty decent. I highly recommend their shallots garlic fish sauce, it goes so well with their fried noodle, go local!


Hotel provides free transport (tuk tuk or private car) to and fro a nearby beach, Hua Hin Railway Station, Cicada Market and Plearn Wan Eco Village. Just inform the hotel staff in in advance so they can make arrangement.

We did an early checkout the next morning to explore the beach, hotel kindly kept our 2-days baggages in their 24hours soveniors shop, which only open upon request by guests.

We then took the hotel transport (tuk tuk) to Hua Hin Railway Station and travelled to Bangkok. Check out our 229km train adventure here.

Note: This is not related to hotel review but I feel a desperate need to share this. Check out the Hua Hin Shopping Centre about 5min walk from the beach. You can get some on-the-go snacks and replenish your toiletries here. They have a surprisingly huge variety at the much cheaper rate compare to the big player BigC in Bangkok. Albeit I don’t think we would fancy their fashion apparel here.

Huahin shopping Mall

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