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My home country

It’s always so welcoming to be back at Singapore airport. Some countries make me wanting to stay longer, while some just make me miss home.

It was a short trip, but enough yo make me miss my home country.

High standard of living makes me want to visit some countries for shopping, but I never want to stay there for long. 

Constant train breakdown makes me complain about my life. Then i realised, at least our ez-Link card allows us to take all sorts of public transport, while some countries uses different cards for different transport. Ours often breakdown (at least recent years), but stations between different lines are linked, we don’t need to cross any bridge or road like some countries do.

I am taught to queue for everything. You want something? Go queue for it; but this doesn’t appear in every countries. Cross only when there’s green light, but not every countries green man blinks. Pay as per the price tag amount; but in some countries you need to bargain and half it (it’s tiring and I don’t like it)! Well it’s pretty obvious where I went to, isn’t it?

Having educated in the city, there are many things that I donnot have knowledge about (blame it on my little reading knowledge too). For example, that solid looking ground might be just a thin layer of hardened soil on top of muddy water

But I really enjoyed the quality customer service there. Be it at the street market or malls, you know why they are called the Land of Smiles.

Oh my bed, I’m back to my comfy firm bed and high pillow! What more can I wish for, for now…


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