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Hong Kong 2016

It’s strange blogging in 2017 about 2016. But what needs to be done should be done. In my earlier posts, I mentioned about a Hong Kong accommodation, and the leather craft project. So here’s a continuation of the 2 posts. I’m not going to go into details of what happened those days in Hong Kong, perhaps just a brief introduction and direction to places.

Note: This is a highly public-transport-dependent trip.

Getting out of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

CityFlyer A21 Bus

Per the hyperlink above, A21 runs daily from 6am till midnight, departing every 10 to 20 minutes from HKIA.

Getting to A21 Bus stop at HKIA:

From the exit near 7-Eleven at the Arrival Hall, turn right and walk straight until you get out of the Air-con space. There’s various bus queues at the Bus Terminal, look for A21’s stand.


Conveniently, there’s a A21 bus stop opposite where we were staying at, Yesinn @ YMT. If you are staying there as well, alight at Man Ning Lane, Nathan Road (9th stop from HKIA). If you are unsure of the route, just sit near the screen behind the priority seats, which will indicate the approaching stop. You can get a full list of the bus stops from the hyperlink above too.


Total journey was under an hour, public transport in Hong Kong is generally cold, perhaps you may consider getting your jacket ready.

It cost HKD33 (single trip) or HKD55 (round trip, valid for 3 months). Get your ticket from Arrival Hall, Customer Service Centre (Airport Ground Transport Centre). You can either loan an Octopus Card for HKD150 (with HKD50 refundable deposit) for the single trips (to and fro, that will be HKD66) or get a round trip bus ticket card.

Return journey is slightly over an hour. Do take note of this while planning your return journey. The returning A21 bus stop is located opposite the stop we alighted.

Getting an On-loan Octopus Card:

Cost: HKD150 (with HKD50 refundable deposit)


Setting aside HKD66 for A21, there isn’t much value left for the daily travels, but you can always top up the card at any MTR stations. You can also get an On-Loan Octopus Card at any MTR stations, except Racecourse station.

As the name of the card suggests, it’s on loan. You need to return the Octopus card before departing Hong Kong to get your HKD50 deposit and whatever amount remains in the card. There will be a handling fee of HKD9 if you return the on-loan card less than 90 days from the date of issue. The returning can be done at HKIA Customer Service Centre.

Alternatively, you can get a “Sold Tourist Octopus” at HKD49 (with HKD10 value) at HKIA Arrival Hall. You get to keep the card as a souvenir, which I don’t fancy this idea at all.

Stay connected:

I personally preferred CSI. Why? Because PCCW has been rebranded as CSI, gone are the days of getting a SIM card for a mere HKD69.

CSI pre-paid SIM card cost HKD88 for a 5 days package. It includes 1.5GB data and unlimited CSI wifi, unlimited local calls and HKD30 value for international calls (HK45cents /min for Singapore).

You can get a CSI Pre-paid SIM card in both Hong Kong and Singapore. You can get it at HKIA 7-Eleven, or Changi Recommends in Singapore Changi Airport for SGD15.

Check out the hyperlink above for more information on getting the SIM card in Singapore.

Okay, I see that we are ready to explore Hong Kong.

Exploring Markets:

Goldfish Market

What to see: Pets stuff (lots of cute pets’ attire and toys)

Road name: Tung Chi Street North, Mongkok, Kowloon

Operating hour: 10am to 10pm (advised to go in the evening)

Direction 1: MTR Prince Edward station, Exit B2. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West until you reach the market

Direction2: MTR Mongkok East station, Exit C. Walk to Sai Yee Street via the overhead bridge and follow signs

Ladies’ Market

What to see: Well… ladies’ apparels, shoes, accessories

Road name: Tung Chi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

Operating Hour: 3pm to 10pm (advised to go in the evening)

Direction: MTR Mongkok station, Exit E2. Walk along Nelson Street

Temple Market Night Market

What to see: apparels (not too fashionable in my opinion), socks, bags, food

Road name: Tung Chi Street North, Mongkok, Kowloon

Operating hour: 4pm to 10pm (advised to go after 7pm)

Direction 1: MTR Yau Ma Tei station, Exit C, turn onto Temple Street at Mana Ning Lane

Direction2: MTR Jordan station, Exit A. Turn right onto Jordan Road and take another right turn onto Temple Street

Note: Templet street is right beside Yesinn @ YMT

Victoria Park:

What to see: Find peace within. It’s quite a crowded park even during weekdays. Blend into Hong Kong living by joining the folks practicing TaiChi, play lawn bowling, or read a good book by the playround.


Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station, Exit E. Walk along Great Gerge Street, turn left and cross the traffic. Walk straight (Wellcome Supermarket will be ahead of you), walk straight all the way and cross 2 roads.

Note: I prefer going there in the morning for the morning sunshine.

Food Paradise:

Koi Kei

What to get: Chinese pastries (Recommend: pork floss almond cookie. You can’t get this flavour in Singapore)

Branches: Link

Operating hour: 11am to 10pm

Note: Koi Kei carrier is chargeable. You can either pay a minimal fee to get a nice plastic carrier for gifting or bring your own bag and do your part for the environment.

Eggy waffles

What to get: eggy waffles, curry fishballs


Road name: 178 Nathan Road

Operating hour: 11am to 10pm

Direction: MTR Jordan station, Exit D, walk 3 minutes

Note: be prepared to queue as it’s a popular snack bar for locals and tourists

Australian Dairy Company Cafe

What to get: macaroni soup, milk tea, steam milk pudding, warm milk


Road name: 47 Parkes Street

Operating hour: 7.30am to 11pm (closed on Thursday)

Direction: MTR Jordan station, Exit C2, walk left down to Bowring Street, turn right to Parkes Street

Note: Queue starts as soon as cafe opens. It’s always long but fast moving queue.

Tim Ho Wan

What to get: Michelin 1 star Tim Ho Wan

Road name: Olympian City Mall, Shop72, G/F Olympian City 2

Direction: MTR Olympic station, Exit D3 (Direct Link)


Yat Lok Roast Meat

What to get: Roasted pork, roasted goose (we don’t get to eat goose in Singapore)

Road name: G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central

Operating hour: Mon – Sat 7am to 7pm; Sun & PH 9am to 3.30pm

Direction: MTR Central station, Exit G. Walk against traffic until you reach Queen’s Road Central, cross road and walk along traffic to d’Aguilar Street. Turn in walk straight and see Stanley Street on the right. Turn in walk straight to Yat Lok.

Repulse Bay:

What to get: Stanley market, beach, pets-friendly mall, Tin Hau Temple




Road name: Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Island

Direction: Take MTR to Hong Kong Station, Exit D. Then walk to Exchange Square Bus Terminal (Central), transfer to bus 6, 6A, 6X (express departure), 66 or 260. Buses stops at Repulse Bay and Stanley Market.

Bus Fare: Ranges from HK$7.30 – HK$10.60 one-way. The journey time is around an 1hr, quicker with the express departure.

Note: Between Stanley Market and Repulse Bay, can either walk, or take bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 r 260

Directions in this post are gathered from Discovery Hong Kong and travel forum.

Random shots during the trip.

In-flight snacks by Cathay Pacific
Movies in Hong Kong are rather expensive, our ticket cost HKD105 each!
This is such a typical Hong Kong scene in drama!
Porky burger at McDonalds
Food from the trip
Mandatory buys
I love Hong Kong Sasa!
My first Innisfree
With my remaining coins, this is the last buy fom this trip. Airplane Haribo!

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