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Beetroot lemonade

It’s veggie juice time! “Because weather was good, because weather was bad…” – Tokkaebi. Okay stop it, we don’t really need a reason to have veggie juice.
For those who need a reason for everything you do, here you go…

Beetroot is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A & C and also an excellent source of folic acid. (Source: As at 12 February 2017)

Okay lets get started with the recipe.
2 beetroot
1 lemon
1 can of soda (not icecream soda)
Serves: 3

De-skin beetroot cut into cubes, peel and cube lemon.
Add both items into slow juicer (I’m using a manual juicer).
Pour a can of soda into the juice, add ice and voilà!

Not everyone likes the taste of veggie drink, lemon helps to cover that veggie taste. We preferred the “healthier choice”, hence no sugar (and no icecream soda) in the drink.


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