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Crafty Day In Hong Kong – Leather product

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial post, I do not gain anything from Leatherism, except for the joy I get from sharing goodness.

This is a super back dated post. Back in October last year, I made an impromptu trip to Hong Kong with a friend. The trip was so last minute that we couldn’t get a proper accommodation of our budget, because there were a few mega conference and events going on during our stay there. Alright, I shall talk about the happenings in my next post.


Back to my crafty moment in Hong Kong. I spent Day 1 in Hong Kong alone as my friend could only reach the next day. This unplanned trip didn’t stop me from being crafty, and I’m glad I found Leatherism. Did an online booking with them prior to flying over, couldn’t do any bank transfer to them for payment, and they had kindly allow me to pay when I reach there. And so I signed up for a 3 hours workshop with them, under the “好好縫”series. This is my first leather craft workshop, so pardon the noob moments. 


There was a group of ladies (I supposed regulars, judging on how experienced they are with the tools and threads) sewing some leather lanyards when I reached Leatherism. I was welcomed with a friendly smile by their crew.


I was told to choose the colour of the leather I want, and since I was making a pair of leather bangles, I can choose up to 4 colours (front and back of each bangle), I chose brown and black for both, black one as the inner piece. Then I learnt to stamp alphabets on some discarded leather. First-hand experience, I didn’t quite like it because it’s irreversible, you made a mistake and that’s it for your leather. But the crew was patient, she kept on reminding me that I just need to practice on their discarded leather until I am comfortable with it. The amount of strength used is fairly important, and I’m not any gentle person, so I either used too little or too much strength.


So here’s how my final stamping looks. I chose to stamp on the inside of the bangles because I didn’t want it too visible. It’s meant to be couple bangles, I prefer the initials to be kept to us, instead of flashing them to everyone. The metal pieces are bones for the bangles, I stick the metal between the 2 pieces of pre-cut leather using white glue. I was constantly reminded to be quick for this process as the glue dries up pretty fast.


And here’s how a glued bangle looks, I’m ready for some solid sewing work.


I get to choose the color of treads I want for both bangles. 2 needles are used concurrently to sew up the leather. I ran out of time to complete the 2 bangles, additional time is chargeable (per what I read online), but who cares at this moment, I just want to complete them. The crew constantly check on my progress, and told me she’s extending me for another hour so I have sufficient time to complete the craft. She didn’t charge me for that additional hour, she’s an Angel on Earth, isn’t she?


Taadaa! I completed my first leather craft workshop! Ain’t too bad, right? Upon making payment, the counter crew noted that one of the bangles is for gifting and I’m not a local, she gave me a box and a pouch to protect the bangles while travelling. How thoughtful!


And so, I left the shop with a broad smile, though famished. Food hunting starts!


Oh yes, even if you don’t speak cantonese, there’s no worries for language barrier, crews speak good English. So go ahead and book a schedule with them on your next trip to Hong Kong. Afterall, Hong Kong is not just about eating and shopping.


PS #1: This is not an advertorial post, I do not gain anything from Leatherism, except for the joy I get from sharing goodness.

PS #2: It never choose my mind on how the leather came about, until I chanced upon a video showing some cruel method in obtaining the skins. Yes… skins… and then I wonder why do we human want to put on skins of another living creature as accessories? Since then, I stopped liking authentic leather products. I go for artificial leather instead. It won’t last long, but nothing last forever isn’t it? Just go get a new one, keep the skins safe, keep them intact to the poor moo.

PS #3: I’m not any anit-leather activist, I’m not going to stop anyone from getting authentic leather products.

PS #4: Leatherism being a well-established local  brand,  I’m not doubting the source of their leather. Leatherism, you rocks.


Direction to the shop is quite straight forward:


Ground Floor, 1235 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Alight at Prince Edward MTR station, exit from C2.

Cross the road on your right once you got up to ground floor and look out for Canton Road (广东道).

Perhaps you can turn on your GPS, and you’ll see that 1235 Canton Road is just round the corner, less than 10minutes walk away.




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